Tuesday, 5 October 2010


 On Saturday 2nd October Gourmet Lovers were selling our own cocktail themed cupcakes as part of the Carousel arts and crafts market, a new monthly market place at The Duke of Wellington in Dalston.
The event was run by Deborah who works at The Duke and has a lot of friends who are artists, designers or vintage enthusiasts. After the success of our Vintage Tea Party and catering exploits recently we thought cupcakes would go marvelously with all these equally delightful crafty creations. We all need a little sustenance to get through a day of shopping at the pub!

Check out some of the lovely hand painted shoes, jewellery and trinkets on sale...

We’re becoming a dab hand at the blue and red velvets and wanted to try something new. We decided the clientele at the event would enjoy a tipple on a Saturday afternoon and hence our cocktail cupcakes ( you can't very well make them with beer can you! Can you?)

It’s a hard slog selling as opposed to having been hired to provide for an event, we certainly learned alot about quantities as well as the prices to target as alcoholic cupcakes just cost about twice as much to make than regular cupcakes. But my word they were tasty and certainly on my new favourites list. We charged £1 for a mini and £2 for a large portions.

We adapted recipes to create these treats and we will be listing these recipes in 3 separate blog posts for your reference. Here are some gorgeous pictures to whet your appetite and inspire you.

Piña Colada
Tropical rum, coconut and pineapple flavours as well as a surprise piece of pineapple baked inside.To dress these we sprinkled the icing with coconut and garnished with a cocktail umbrella. My favourite.

White Russian
A generous helping of Tia Maria ( we didn’t have Kahlua) and vodka in the cake batter and some more Tia Maria in the icing topped off with a dusting of shaved chocolate. Inside a malteser we soaked in more Tia Maria!

Kir Royale
We adapted out blue velvet cupcakes by adding crème de cassis to the batter and champagne to the cream cheese icing. Amazing!

Nicks tip when adding the alcohol, add more than the recipes tell you! Taste as you go and make is as strong as you want. We really wanted the flavour to come across, but we did have warn one mum before she bought one for her younger son. But being in a pub everyone there was well over the legal drinking age so we had no problems.
Be sure to check out the next Carousel market on November 6th and stay tuned for these delicious recipes coming soon.



Ananda Rajashekar said...

Oh they look adorable, i want all of those cute

Loving Dalston said...

The Love Of My Life wonders when we stopped calling them fairy cakes and started using the US term cupcakes. American cultural imperialism is a taste not esp. to my liking, but when it comes to her baking, my interest is only in taste. I know, she's wasting her time with such a culinary primitive.

Sally - My Custard Pie said...

Fairy cakes or cup cakes - I'm a bit fed up of reading about them but this is a whole new twist. The Black Russians and Kir Royales sound particularly appealing. Mmmmm

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