Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Gosh we've been busy little bees down at Gourmet Lovers HQ! So much tasty-ness... so little time...

Of particular note were very excited to cater the recent re-launch of Fashion Space Gallery @ London College of Fashion.

Formerly a space in which to support the student work of the college, this gallery has a new curator, fresh identity and keen ambitions to take this esteemed institution to new heights.

The revitalized fashion space gallery plans to show a broader range of styles and exhibition themes from established and emerging artists.

Pictured above is some of the exciting work from this opening exhibition from the German photographer Axel Hoedt in a portrait series named Fastnacht.

It was startling and thought provoking work and we enjoyed time for a viewing before the function got properly underway.

And what a great function it was. Setting the scene. We had been asked to provide enough of our signature 'vintage style' sweets and treats to feed approximately 100 - 150 hungry art lovers over a two hour exhibition period.

We baked around 400 mini-treats in total including our red and blue velvet cupcakes, selection of whoopie pies as well as your more classic savoury and sweet scones.

We were working on a rough catering rule of thumb of three pieces per person - and in the first half hour or so of the show it looked like we had wildly over estimated the amount of food we had provided.

That is of course until the booze kicked in. As you would expect the sparkling wine flows freely at these gallery openings and we were pleased to watch the transition from sober, restrained nibbling evolve into full blown unadulterated gourmet loving!

Hoards of London's cultural elite - artists, artisians, academics, designers, photographers, critics, students and all round free thinking bohemians - were eyeing off and pouncing on the circulating trays like packs of predatory cats.

And I'm pleased to say they devoured pretty much all 400 pieces in the given time.

We were able to siphon off a gift box for Magda the curator and a few spares and that was pretty much done.

A new high water mark for our catering escapades and and a thoroughly enriching cultural experience to partner with our food.

Special thanks to Magda Keaney for seeking us out and being the loveliest all round person imaginable. We wish both Magda and the Fashion Space Gallery many fabulous successes and hope to work with you again soon.

For those of you intrigued by Alex Hoed's work do please go down and check it out - its exhibiting until mid-November.

Axel Hoedt Fastnacht 17.09.10 – 14.11.10

Fashion Space Gallery
London College of Fashion
20 John Princes Street

Google Maps
Opening Hours

Monday–Friday: 10am–6pm
Saturday: 10am–4pm
Sunday: Closed
Admission: Free


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Michele AKA 5am Foodie said...

Hey, very cool! I'm a caterer so I know what the whole estimating thing is like. I remember a wedding we did in the spring. Thought we had way too much food, then people had seconds, and thirds, and everyone had a taste of all 3 desserts.... but it's great to see your food give people pleasure, is it not?

Nick P said...

Thanks Em & JP.

Michele - most definitely ;) There are always characters who eat 15 pieces and still want more. They amuse me the most.

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