Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Sunday marked our 2nd Hip Hop brunch  -  by popular demand we created a new pun-tastic menu with the help of ever amazing guest chef Mel, of Asian fusion brunch fame. We started with some ridiculous names and from there created a menu of rather varied, world cuisine along with a playlist featuring ironically cool 90s hip hop. For a taste check out the You Tube playlist we made. It seemed to be a combination people were intrigued with and we sold out within a couple of days of announcing the theme!

With the help on an online random generator we gave everyone their Hip Hop name, Fanta-C - Mahogany,Venus cherry and MC Killer Nutz attended amongst others.

Thanks to our brunch guest Sian for our awesome Hip Hop bunting as well -  AMAZING!

It was a beautiful sunny Spring day and was lovely starting with all our guests enjoying a Summer berry gin and juice in the garden. Nicks earlier protesting that Gin was not good choice of  brunch beverage was swiftly proven wrong as the 16 guests polished off a large bottle of Bombay Sapphire. We served the Gin with tropical, mango, orange and passion fruit juice and frozen summer berries. It was deceptively refreshing.

Once thirsts were suitably quenched and everyone was relaxed we ventured inside to enjoy the playlist and the 6 courses of our Hip Hop brunch. Thanks to Mel for some brilliant new puns!

Hip Hop Brunch Club 2

The Yeastie Boys
Choux pastry with cheddar and parmesan cheese sauce & Marmite

Return of the suMac Eggs
Fried Burford Brown eggs with lemon, sumac & fattoush salad

Muffin but a G Thang w The Chronic
Cheese, zucchini & chorizo muffins with burnt butter sage

Ludacrispy Bacon 
w Sweet Corn Fritters & Avocado Salsa

Lil Kim Chi Tacos
8 hour pork with pickled cucumber, capsicum, kim chi, rocket & home made BBQ sauce

Fresh Quince of Bel air
Quince and cinnamon ice cream with elderflower cream and pistachio crumble

After everyone was stuffed with hip hop goodness we went out in to the sunshine and enjoyed the Sunday afternoon. As always I had been lucky to meet some lovely people, it always surprises me how people are happy to come and try our brunch and meet new people. We'll keep doing it if you're all still interested in coming. 

Over some ciders in the park we started thinking of some new musically influenced themes and dishes for future brunch clubs. "When a Ham loves a woman", "Pie will always love you" just a couple of suggestions. So watch this space!

The next brunch club takes place on April 22  -  we can't keep up with the demand and its already sold out! But you can register for the waiting list on event brite and be emailed if any tickets are returned.

That will be all for April as we also have a couple of catering jobs filling up the remaining weekends.
Come May we have a private brunch club early on so keep an eye our Facebook page where we will release details of any new brunch club dates as we decide them for May and June.

We have been noticeable slack at posting recipes recently, there has been no time! Hopefully in coming weeks we'll add some of our brunch recipes as well as a few we have been meaning to for ages. Its hard to fit everything in around work and brunch and baking a million cakes it seems.
Thanks for all the love as its keeping us on our toes!

Bex & Nick


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