Wednesday, 19 October 2011


We'd like to share with you this recipe which was a hit at brunch club recently and a new favourite of mine. Its super simple idea presented in an interesting way, because lets face it eggs, sausage and tomato isn't that exciting is it.

My lovely flat mate in Barcelona gave me this recipe in Catalan, its called d'Ous al Niu, in Spanish its Huevos al Nido.

We made these mini sized morsels for our Spanish brunch club. We also made larger servings in testing the dish out early in the week of which you can see in the cross section below.

The bread roll needs to be one with a hard crust, like a vienna roll. We couldn't find any we liked locally so Nick made these himself.

Ingredients, to make 1
1 hard roll
1 egg, separated
Oil or butter
Fillings of your choice. eg: tomato, chorizo, caramelised onion, tomato paste

1. Hollow out the inside of the roll so your left with the crust and make sure the rolls will be big enough to fit the egg yolk without it spilling over the side. These little ones were only just big enough, which made it hard for us to balance the whites on top.

2. Brush the inside with oil or butter then half fill with desired fillings. We used a little caramelised onion, tomato paste, fresh tomato and chorizo.

3. Crack an egg, seperating the yolks and the whites. Being careful not to break the yolk place in inside the cavity of the roll on top of the filling.

4. Pop them in the over now for 1 minute so the egg yolk forms a skin, thats going to make it easier to add the egg white without breaking the yolk.

4. Whisk egg whites till they form stiff peaks. Take two spoons and create a quennelle of merangue and very gently dollap on top of the egg yolk. You can add as much as you want, if you want to completely cover the yolk you can. We left a little showing.

5. Once they're done, put them in the oven to bake for 3 minutes. The egg whites will become golden brown.


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