Monday, 17 October 2011


Well as you probably know I spent 4 months in Barcelona this summer, I much of that time was spent eating and experimenting with Spanish food and flavours. They aren't big in to breakfast really, going for breakfast usually means a cigarette and a couple of coffees.  I missed our brunch club a lot and as soon as I new I was coming back I immediately wanted to do a brunch club with a Spanish twist. These dishes are not all typically Spanish but each one is a reflection of my time there and uses either Spanish, Latin American or Catalan influences or flavours I was inspired by when I was in Barcelona,  all of course adapted to fit our laid back, light, fresh brunch style. 

As a welcome drink we made Horchata a refreshing sweet milky drink  You can get this from most Heladerias in Barcelona and it was so thirst quenching in the Spanish summer sun. Its made a few different ways, generally using chufas or tigernuts which grow in Spain, but without those you can make it using rice, milk and cinnamon. Its served icy cold.


Spicy Virgin Mary Gazpacho

Salmon and Avocado Ceviche

 Deep fried mushroom stuffed with goats cheese

Huevos al Nido  -  Eggs in a Nest

Fig, Walnut and Marscapone Pancakes

Avocado Helado with Chocolate Sable Biscuits

I'll post a recipe soon for the eggs in a nest because I think they're a great breakfast option, basic ingredients but presented in an interesting way. Basically Nick made the bread rolls which were hallowed out and filled with sweet pepper, fresh tomato & chorizo, then you crack as egg yolk on top and whip the whites to create the cover for the nest. Once its cooked the inside is all delicious and runny.

The ceviche is fish cooked in citrus, we used lemon, lime and orange. When I had it in Spain it was with white fish but we used salmon because its a more traditional brunch dish.

Also, if you've been reading the blog you'll know about my recent obsession with figs and you can find my recipe for the pancakes here

My favourite from the day would have to be the avocado helado. I was so happy with this ice cream the texture was spot on when I made it and it all came down to the ice cream box being super super cold when I added it to the machine. Its never worked so well for me before but the ice cream was done in around 30 minutes. We made quenelles the night before brunch and popped them in the freezer so we wouldn't have to wait for the large box to soften in the morning. Turned out to be a great trick.  The avocado flavour was subtle but present and was a perfect accompaniment to the chocolate sable biscuits and crystallised mint leaves.

Brunch club is back with another new menu on Sunday November 6th!!
For updates keep watching this page or our facebook group

Hasta la vista!


Em. x. said...

This looks fab. The "Eggs in a Nest" totally caught my eye and although I don't cook to much - I would love to see a recipe come on. It looks like one worth trying! x.

Claire Gledhill said...

I've been following your brunch clubs from here in Barcelona, looks great, keep up the good work and I find what you're doing quite inspiring (but in a different vein) for future independent business ideas here. I agree that breakfast can be difficult to come across here but if you're over here again here are a few options:

And this one probably more of a light lunch option but hey, who doesn't sometimes like cake for breakfast

B said...

Hi Claire, yes I know Marmalade, although I haven't been there I went to its sister cafe 'Milk Bar' in Gotic. My favourite brunch is the Australian run Federal. I still feel theres an abundance of sweets when it comes to brunch there, like tarts for example. Definitely would be a dream to open a brunch place in Barca.. Its my favourite place. I'll be back often if not at some point for ever :)

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