Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Hola Amigos

Its about time I share with you this great little beer and dumplings bar in Borne as I've been there 4 times in the last month! Sometimes when you've over done it on jamon and queso you just crave something fresh, exotic, light, completely not Spanish. I crave asian food and I love Vietnamese, it's full of interesting flavours and filling without being heavy.

I stumbled across Mosquito in Borne one day and immediately liked the look of it. A busy little bar, lined with a selection of Catalan, German, and Scottish beers and a kitchen of busy chefs serving pho and hand making gyoza and dumplings.

Its always busy but you can wait for a table or as I have done sit and eat at the bar where you can see the chefs at work and eye up the vast selection of beers, including one scottish brand called 'Trashy Blonde' which my friend and I laughed at. A copa sized tap beer  (thats probably a bit less than a pint) is only €2.60 whilst the rest range from there up to around €4 per bottle. Wine and sake are also available.

Sitting at the bar the first time I didn't have much of an idea what the menu said, its in Catalan. You can ask the ladies at the bar for help as they speak English but personally I like to take a lucky dip. You select what you want, marking 1 next to each dish you desire, then hand the paper to the waitress and await your food. (Its the same style as in Ping Pong in London)

The top section is dim sum, meat, seafood and vegetarian dumplings and includes how many portions you'll get which is helpful. Under this is hot food including duck, chicken & vegetarian options, bok choy & tofu etc. There's also a dessert section which is actually more Japanese inspired, mochi filled with chocolate!!  YUM.

Highlights for me include the wonton soup and the steamed pork buns. The veggie or prawn dumplings are delicious. Prices for each dish range from around €2- €4. For a couple of plate and 2 beers I've never spent more than €10 here and I've yet to be disappointed by the food. I've bought 3 friends here, its friendly, its cheap and its tasty.

Steamed pork bun

Veggie dumpings

Bok choy & mushrooms steamed with soy

Tofu with soy

Mochi filled with chocolate and cream!

Mosquito Tapas Exóticas
c/Carders, 46, Barcelona 08003
93 268 7569


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