Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Nick and I ventured west (GASP, I know) to a restaurant The Dock Kitchen, over looking the canal off Ladbroke Grove to celebrate my birthday.
It originally started as a supper club in September 09 and quickly became permanent.  Its run by a hot young chef Stevie Parle, ex River Cafe (chef of the year Observer Food Monthly magazine 2010) who as well as running Dock Kitchen has a cook book and writes a weekly food column for the Telegraph. The space is modern, slick, stylish, half furniture gallery half dining room with an open kitchen, cocktail bar and a weekly changing menu. (More recently they’ve introduced an al a carte menu as well)

When we arrived I was pleased to see the set menu this week was Mexican – the flavours of which I love. Not a burrito or quesadilla in sight though. A fresh take on Mexican with a European fusion twist. If we’re critiquing I need to mention for Mexican it wasn’t spicy enough for my liking. Service was perfect, swift, relaxed, not a problem with that side of things.

The Dock Kitchen were kind enough to send me a copy of the menu.

Mexican dinner at the Dock Kitchen

House cocktails
Sangrita (non alcoholic) £3
Margarita con sal a gusano £7.5 

Veracruz octopus tacos – Spanish octopus cooked with capers, olives &tomatoes

Tostadas with wild greens, green chilli & sour cream

Pork tacos – pulled pork cooked in vinegar & Oaxacan chillis

Sopa de tortilla 

Quail cooked in 2 salsas (guajillo & tomatillo salsa verde), spiced chard & potatoes in chipotle, coriander & lime

Blood orange & tequila nieve 
Mezcal añejo– Los Danzantes (Oaxaca) £10 (50ml)
Sotol reposado – Hacienda de Chihuahua (Chihuahua) £9 (50ml)
Tequila reposado - Jose Cuervo Tradicional (Tequila) £9 (50ml)

The concept of the revolving menu is a great idea and fresh approach. Im not 100% convinced it worksand this seems to be the point raised in many of reviews I’ve read. How can a restaurant create great food, when the chefs don’t have time to perfect each dish before the menus thrown out and a completely different one thought up?
Yes that’s true, but when you think about the popularity of supper clubs at the moment and how changeable they are, I don’t see much of a difference. (Same price as well £35 per head for the set menu)
With that in mind, if you like creative fresh ideas, inventive menus and happy inspired chefs, challenging themselves to try new dishes? Chefs that aren’t getting blasé cooking same dish day in day out all year? Then I say give it a chance.

The breadth of styles presented by Dock Kitchen, from Mexican, to Sri Lankan, to Tuscan speaks for the knowledge and love Stevie Parle and the chefs at Dock Kitchen have for food and gourmand entertainment.

3 out of 5 Gourmet Lovers hearts.
The Dock Kitchen
332 Ladbroke Grove
Notting Hill
W10 5BA
tel.: 020 8962 1610


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