Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope at the moment everyone is rugged up in their nice warm homes awaiting Santas visit. Spare a thought for those  less fortunate or in travel chaos who just want to get home or maybe somewhere warmer.

This year we're lucky enough to be celebrating Christmas with our family. Nicks mum is here and along with his brother, sister in law and her family we will be enjoying a traditional Christmas family feast.  Nick and his Brother JP are often described as 'amazing' cooks. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal. (I forgave Nick for the time he ordered Pizza Hut, its just not on ).  Last Sunday we were invited to JPs & Ros house where they held their annual Christmas feast for their friends.  7 courses -  not entirely Christmas themed but wonderfully delicious, rich food, perfect for a Christmas get together. JP and Ro once more impressed their group of avid foodie friends with a menu excelling in taste, presentation and concept.

We were treated to a menu of:

 Cabbage stuffed with chestnuts

 Goats cheese, lentil and beetroot salad

 Cream of garlic soup with pea and chervil mousse
 Confit of quail with pomme sarladaise

 Belly of Pork with with white beans

Vacherin glace

 Cheese and coffee

Stand out courses that had the room buzzing - cream of garlic soup, confit of quail, and the vacherin glace.  

How lucky we were this time to be able to sit and eat at dinner, although Nick couldn't help but get stuck in to the cooking and I was practicing holding three plates whilst serving and clearing up each course.

I love entertaining, I love the smiles on people faces when they are pleased with what they're eating, where they are and the people they're with.

Thanks everyone who has supported Nick and I this year as we embarked on our Gourmet Lovers quest to eat well and share the love with friends, old and new.

Many more Brunch and Supper club events to come in 2011

Happy Holidays!



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