Monday, 14 June 2010


Thursday night we went to a lovely supper club in Hackney. Fernandez and Leluu has been on our 'must visit' list since we started blogging. We've been to supper clubs before but not one executed to this high standard. This was top drawer. A seven course vietnamese feast. Each dish outstanding; executed with imagination, love and precision.

Behind an unassuming door in deepest darkest Hackney (our very favourite London borough) we found a delightful and stylish flat perfectly suited for a supper club. Simon answered the door with tea towl on the shoulder and a smile. He showed us where we could hang our coats, the lovely waitress showed us to our table and offered us a glass of wine. We were amazed how they had fit 26 guests so comfortably in their living room.

The kitchen is upstairs and out of the way and thats where our host Simon and Uyen worked their magic. They skillfully churned out seven delicious courses between 8pm and 10.30pm  - the portion sizes and the gaps in between were just right to keep us from getting overly full and to drink our wine.

We were seated on a larger table and the conversation was friendly discovering fellow foodies and antipodeans.

And the food. Oh my word the food! The quality was superb. Congrats to Simon and Uyen for their finely tuned machine to be able to feed 26 people such a delicious dinner. It surpassed many restaurants we’ve been to in terms of freshness.  

After all the food was done and most of the guests had left we had a lovely sit down a good chat with Simon and Uyen and talked of course about food, supper clubs and cooking. In nine months this club has earned an excellent reputation as one of the best in town an deservedly so. Their obvious passion for food comes through in every dish. Recommend this whole heartedly.

The menu

Rice Pasta With Crispy Pork Belly and Cured Ham
(Delicious, sprightly with bursts of porky goodness)

Beef Pho garnish with mint, chilli and lime
(Super special, Nicks favourite)
 Chargrilled Lemongrass Pork Patties
(Had subtle honey flavours, nice caramalisation) 

Seared Beef Salad With Lime, Coriander, Peanuts, Sugar Snap Peas; Chips
('Cambodian Steak and chips')

  Caramelised Catfish w' Tomatoes & Tofu 
(Bex's favourite 5 hrs cooking... melts in your mouth)
Coconut sorbet   
(With a strong lime flavour this reminded us of a really good mojito)

A wonderful evening all round and has inspired us to think about some kind of club concept of our own. Watch this space....


Em. x. said...

Really like this post. It seems such an intriguing concept and one I have never thought of. I might see if I can find something similar out here in Greater London. This looks amazing. x.

Fernandez & Leluu said...

Ahhh - you made us so happy! So amazing pictures! Really glad you enjoyed everything! We try to make everything with as much love as possible - otherwise - there's no point doing it... food is everthing! Food makes everyone happy.

We were really pleased to finally meet you both and hope that if you do something similiar we get to come along - please let us know and hope to see you here again for other dishes xxx
Uyen & Simon

catty said...

Wow that menu does look amazing. Have been hanging out for a Viet feast at Fernandez & Leluu and just need to get my butt into gear!

Catherine said...

This is BRILLIANT!! I would love it if there were a supper club in Glasgow. Top marks to Uyen & Simon for pulling it off, I'm so impressed! I look forward to seeing your own club endeavours :)

ferdiesfoodlab said...

The Lime Sorbet - packed with Cointreau surprised it froze!! Hope you guys are doing great!! Loved the penis cake!! Far out!! :) and thanks for coming to ferdies!!!

Fernandez & Leluu now work independently!

Simon Fernandez is now full time chef patron at ferdiesfoodlab and employs 8 people on a part-time basis. ferdiesfoodlab (a London supper club) is a social banquet where you can meet new people. It serves international cuisine in the east end of central London at the beautiful listed building Toynbee Hall. You can check it out at

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