Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hey Foodies

Raymond Blancs Kitchen Secrets is my new Favourite cooking show. He makes delectable food and presents it with a casual, humorous approach that makes me think even I could do that.
Well maybe not me. For instance.. his Cafe Creme Dessert, amazing!

"A cup sculpted completely from chocolate, filled with iced espresso parfait topped with cherry liqueur sabayon with sugar coated truffles"

I may not have the patience to try making this but its exactly the sort of dessert I'd order on a menu.

So with ordering in mind I think I'll book a table at once of his restaurants, there the Hotel in Oxford, Le Manoir however this is the far pricier option I shall save for a very special occasion. So it got to be his no fuss regional French cuisine restaurant in the City of London, The Brasserie Blanc.

I'll keep you posted!


PS Nick looked for the recipe online and found that it wasnt put on the BBC website. It is available as a PDF on the Raymond Blanc website


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