Sunday, 14 March 2010


Yes I woke up feeling excited, it was a sunny almost spring like day and we were adventuring over to the south west of London, with some good friends to Fulham Broadway.
I admit Im not one to usually go far from East London there was an extra special reason.
We had a lunch booking at The Harwood Arms.
It looks like any old local pub, a nice place to meet a friend and have glass of wine and do pub quiz on a Tuesday (which you can if you book far enough in advance ).

We booked 2 months ago for this table of 6 at 2.30pm on a Saturday (next available sitting was apparently 5th April!). The Harwood Arms is the only pub in London with a Michelin Star and it deserves another in my mind.

Unpretentious, cheaper than many of my locals in Stoke Newington and a seasonal, delicious menu. I had been waiting for this opportunity to eat drink and catch up with friends eagerly.

My choices were threefold ( I think its so important to try as much as possible, even if you don't eat all of the dishes and this was my plan )

To start: Pidgeon and Mead tea with Harwood arms sausage roll and prune puree.
To follow: Glazed Gressingham Duck leg with cumbrian air dried ham, roast jerusalem artichokes, toasted hazelnut and celery.
Finally: (and this is my favourite, always leave room for dessert if there is something unique) Vanilla rice pudding with Yorkshire rubarb rose jelly and clemintine sorbet ( and something Gingerbready and crunchy not mentioned on the menu).

He had

To start: Grilled salted ox tongue with cauliflower cheese croquette and bread and butter pickles.
To follow: Roast cornish cod with chanterelles, sea purslane, salsify fritters and garlic mayonnaise.
Finally: Sticky toffee and date icecream with caramelised brown bread and lemon curd.

I could go on with the lists of what our 3 friends had, but we pretty much sampled a lot of the menu, so see for yourself ,
This is the lunch menu only, I can't wait to try the dinner, Sunday lunch and quiz night menus as there as variations to all.

Special mention should go to the famous venison scotch egg - we had heard this was recommended. Its not on the menu, but ask for it, its a bar snack and its well worth it.

The wine, £17 from Southern France was a delicious dry, chardonnay and perfect with everything.
Best of all the price wasn't what you might expect from a Michelin star restaurant. We paid £45 each including the tip for our 3 course meal and 2 bottles of wine.

I loved this place, I will be back soon.
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