a.k.a Mr Nicholas P 
Nick's much loved Corn Fritters

Our chief resident gourmet nutter and brunch obsessive. To say food is Nick's life would be an understatement. 

By day Nick works at a restaurant marketing agency working across the industry. Anything from bang up 3 star michelin joints right through to London's finest Indian take away establishments. But by night he dreams of his next gastronomic pop-up events and adventures

Favourite Gourmet Loving fun time? 


a.k.a Ms Melinda S.

Mel's super awesome Lil Kim Chi Tacos

Melinda is our resident gourmet ninja and all round awesome asian / oriental flavours expert. Mel has styled some of our most legendary Asian fusion menus and dishes. She will also batter and deep fry the crap out of anything including you if you get in her way in the kitchen.  

By day Melinda designs rad shit for agency types. By night she slices, dices and stir fries absolutely everything gourmet lovers style. 

Favourite Gourmet Loving fun time? 


a.k.a Mr James H 

James' surprising Mackerel and Cherry Tart
James is our fearless experi-mentalist and all round flavour combinations guru. His attention to detail / bordeline OCD also makes him damn handy to have on the pass when it comes to plating up ze food and making it look purty.   

A retail interiors designer by day by night he will spend his evening thumbing through the flavour thesaurus and sketching out a few ideas for our GL pub based brain storming sessions. Sucker for a good pun too. Who isn't?

Favourite Gourmet Loving fun time? 

a.k.a Ms Rebecca J. 

Bex's sublime white choc pistachio cupcakes
Bex is one of the founding members of GLC, star baker and resident sweet tooth. Bex has established the new GLC outpost in Spain and is now permanently based in Barcelona. Whilst not a traditional brunching mecca those Catalans wont know what hit them when they taste her baked treats. 

A Visual FX producer by day and siesta-ing snooze bandit by afternoon. By night she snacks on tapas and pintxos and drinks those crazy continental free pours till her ears bleed.   

Favourite Gourmet Loving fun time? 
Too many to choose. Christmas Pudding Ice Cream?