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Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip? Yo... 

On Friday 8th of June as promised the Gourmet Lovers crew pulled out all the stops to put on a gastronomic event like no other in the capital.  Following on from our ever popular theme Hip Hop Brunch theme we thought we'd extend the idea to a more debaucherous night time affair complete with DJs, hilarious Hip Hop games, a b-ball hoop and a fair few gin and juices.

We were excited to collaborate once again with the amazingly talented Douglas Santi. The guy has cheffed in renowned three star michelain kitchens and has worked in and led kitchens all around the world including Brazil, France, U.S, UK and Italy and brings an amazingly varied set of influences into his food.

When we told Douglas the Hip Hop concept his eyes lit up and and started speaking about his experience working in New York and together we devised a fitting menu of American style hip hop inspired food with a signature Douglas Santi 'Gastronomique' twist.

The menu was five courses and with three tables of 20 people (appropriately named 'East Coast' 'West Coast' and 'Dirty South') and around 7 staff to feed this was by far our biggest and boldest supper club yet. Our Hip Hop Supper menu comprised of:

Lil' Wangz
secretly-spiced fried chicken wings with wild garlic pesto

De La Soul Food
authentic pork and prawn jambalaya New Orleans style

Moo Tang Clan
marinated spiced grilled rib eye, slow cooked pork belly with chargrilled vegetables

strawberry soup with cristal jelly

Choc it like its hot
cheeky chocolate petit four

'Lil' Wangz' - these were slow cooked in a stock pot for four hours before 
being lightly battered with a spicey flour blend which included za'atar 
and flash fried. Crunchy on the outside and falling off the bone inside
'Moo Tang Clan' - we had one of London's best meat suppliers bring us two 
whole 28 Day aged Angus Rib Eye. Absolutely stunning. With meat this good
 some gentle marination and speeding grilling over coals keeping it very rare 
was all that was required 

Shout outs of course must go out to our entertainment, kitchen and floor crew. On the kitchen side our long time trusted Brunch Club collaborators the amazing James and Mel and last minute addition Mohammed put on the apron and worked their asses off led by Douglas. Not quite a 'proper' kitchen as Douglas might define it, but fark me if it was a totally badass cool one. Five courses for 70 people has its own challenges and they rose to it magnificently.

The Gourmet Lovers? We were working the epic floor with the amazing Francesca. Despite a range of late shows, last minute additions and moving tables and a complex layout of special dietary requests we managed (almost I think) to get everyone fed properly. One guest even endured an emergency landing at Stansted with the plane having no brakes and still made it for the main course! That's Gourmet Loving dedication right there!

Its not just food that we drew on to create a great night, its about atmosphere as well and keeping the guests all in good sorts between courses. The fresh hip hop beats of Paulie who worked the decks all night and had the crowd jumping up and down until 2am kick out time.  Resident b-girl Si├ón kept everyone guessing with 'Whose Rhyme is it anyway'...what the mystery 'Flavour Flav' was...  as well as B-Ball competitions between courses. (In the end the ultimate prize of a jug of shots and bragging rights for the unofficial 'Hip Hop Olympics' was won by 'Dirty South' table.). Thanks to Guy for rocking up at short notice and taking some photos for us as well.

The venue was amazing, an old pub turned art gallery party space and now supper club venue is a perfect fit for 70 people and nestled inside the N1/E2border nicely meant it's really perfectly situated for those coming from around central, north and east London. Thanks to Nunzio for sorting it out for us.

We've had many emails and comments since being asked to repeat this Hip Hop event again. We'll never say never but but as is the Gourmet Lovers style we always evolve and re-define our dining concepts. We've already started planning our next exciting supper club escapade... if you missed out this time well you better just listen out for the next one and get on board!

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