Monday, 23 January 2012


Hello to all our brunch loving friends.

We had such a great time yesterday bringing you our Hip Hop brunch! Why hip hop? Well I think Nick came up with 'Busta Limes' at the pub and thought it sounded funny and so we created a menu around how many 90's hip hop artists we could make in to brunchy sounding dishes.

Our menu came first then the food, but what it essentially turned in to was a menu of classic antipodean style, fusion food. I got to make my own home made puff pastry and vol au vents for the first time. Nick made fresh focaccia. I wish I'd made two grape fruit tarts because we always want more pudding no matter how full we are.

Accompanied by a sweet as playlist I had collated last week after spending a few hours on you tube, we went forth serving a menu which was as follows, beginning with an ever popular ice breakingly good Bloody Mary J Blige........

Puff daddy
Home made puff vol au vents w chorizo & tomato sauce

Busta Limes  
Avocado, edamame & radish salad with lime yoghurt dressing

Salt n Pepa
Salt and pepper calamari two ways w home made aioli

The Notorious B.L.T
Bacon (or mushroom), lettuce & tomato w home made focaccia and mayo

Grandmaster Hash
Beetroot, feta and mint hash with poached egg

Wu Tang Flan
Grape fruit and citrus tart with yoghurt

So after a few bloody marys and a lot of food we bid farewell to our 17 lovely guests, it was a great start to Brunch Club for 2012. Thanks so much for all the love, its wonderful meeting new people who love food as much as us. We appreciate your support as we go about trying to bring you the best brunch in London. 

Next brunch club takes place on Sunday 5th February and we'll be dreaming up a theme this week, we are all booked for the 5th but feel free to email if your interested as we'll be announcing some more dates this week. As always our aim is just to have fun and make yummy food.

Lots of love!!
Bex & Nick


Chocolate Shavings said...

Sounds fun and looks delicious!

good times tora said...

Found your blog thanks to the 'couples who blog together, stay together' article in this month's Company, and just wanted to say I think it is FANTASTIC! I'm a bit of a foodie myself, and your brunch club sounds just amazing- particularly this theme: Wu Tang Flan actually made me do a real LOL. Brilliant! xx

Nick P: Gourmet Lovers said...

Thanks guys :) this was heaps of fun. In fact we've had such positive feedback we're doing a second installment! Watch out for Hip Hop Brunch 2!

gourmetlovers said...
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