Thursday, 15 December 2011


We're pretty busy at the moment hence the quietness on the blog, we had a private supper club last night for 13 in a Shoreditch art gallery which was no easy feat, a lot of hard work and heavy lifting!  No rest for the wicked as we prepare for our 2nd annual Gourmet Lovers Christmas supper club.

As you know we love brunch, it just works for us, we feel as if we're in the flow with it and brunch is our passion. Supper is a huge amount of work and and we can't help but want it to be a spectacular spread of Heston esque epicness, sometimes we need to get real and reign ourselves in a bit ( ahem, Nick) for this there's nothing better than sharing that with friends and family. We will be making course one from the 'Day at El Bulli' book which was tested last night to great feedback. Shhh, it's a secret.

Our supper club this Saturday has the theme 12 days of Christmas, expect a blog post on that. The 12 courses includes a lot of meat as well as liquid courses because lets face it 12 courses is a lot.  I've made my own crackers which are filled with party hats, and dirty jokes as I did last year and am furiously hoping my turkish delight  (top of post) dries out in time to fill a little bag with them!

As well as this I'm baking what seems constantly, the likes of macaroons, onion tarts, sausage rolls, red velvet cakes, quince and elderflower cupcakes, turkish delight, creme brulees and choux pastry swans even!! Don't get me started on the trials and tribulations of vegan marshmallow. But the moment I'm rather partial to these decadent chocolate brownies with a kit kat base and a hint of saltiness.

and the classic french style Elizabeth David onion tart...

Please head down to Reilly Rocket, the awesome new (ish, since middle of the year) antipodite cafe opened in Dalston that makes a killer Flat White and once or twice a week, especially on the weekend you can sample a great cake and other delights from moi. Tomorrow they shall receive this Red Velvet cake as well as some sausage rolls.

If you'd like baking for your cafe, work or for your home you can contact me. I regularly bake cakes, cupcakes and savoury treats and can deliver them locally. We are in the process of building a new website with a lot more information but for now contact me at

We are busy but checking in daily on facebook and twitter so come find us there!!

Merry Christmas!


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