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I have to share with you straight away my first exciting foody find in Barcelona. Its not traditionally Spanish, but why it excites me is I never thought I'd stumble across a bakery that specialises in cupcakes and tea in Barcelona! I found Lolita Bakery whilst I was meandering through the lane ways of el Born and I was most excited by their bright, welcoming decor, tea cups and perfect looking cupcakes. I tried the blueberry and vanilla flavour. It was a very nice cup cake, simple but beautiful to look at. A vanilla cake and perfect butter cream icing subtly flavoured with blueberry.

The cupcake selection included a chocolate & blueberry flavour and also available were mini macaroons, cookies and cakes. All of these were up there with Hummingbird or Primrose Hill Bakery when it came to the skill of the decorations. I was very impressed. The cute tea shop was brightly coloured with a mish mash of furniture so you could sit and enjoy your tea and cake whilst records played.

Also for sale were Lolita cake mixes, jams and gorgeous cupcake cases by Meri Meri (you can buy these online here) I guess this is a nice way of easing the Barcelonians in to the cupcake baking craze. Ingredients for baking aren't necessarily easy to find in the city, I was on the look out today for ingredients after a hot tip that Parami next to the Boquiera Market is the place to find baking powder and cake decorating supplies. Unfortunately the shop was shut :( will have to try it again next week.

Check out the Lolita website, everything is available to order in different sizes, and you can pick from a large list of cases, cakes, 
frosting and decorations to create your perfect cupcake!

Although I didn't get to Parami today I still got my baking fix from Lolita and feel right at home now in this amazing city. El borne is a great area, to the right of the tourist centre of La Rambla, far enough away to lose the hoarding masses and those dudes trying to sell you glow sticks and really annoying horns. It seems like a young, funky area with, glorious Barcelona architecture, cute cafes and lively bars.

This is where its happening in Barcelona, go here!

Lolita Bakery
c/portal nou 20
08003 el borne, Barcelona
t: 933103676


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