Thursday, 30 June 2011


Well I finally made it to this highly recommended and famous Cava and tapas bar in Barcelonetta. What a crazy place! Its 30 degrees at 9pm on a Tuesday night in Barcelona and this tiny bar is pack to the brim with a sweating heaving crowd of locals and foreigners all shouting over the counter for a glass of the uber cheap Cava and a plate of tapas to go with it.

The rules, one plate per 3 glasses of Cava each. I was gob smacked when I got the bill, 6 glasses of Cava (there were 2 of us and they were small!!!) plus 4 plates €13! Surely that wasn't right, but it was and it was excellent. It was simple fare, queso, croquettas de pollo y queso, pan con tomate & a salmon bocadillo.

If you like mosh pits and rubbing up against other sweaty people, eating ham, cheese and drinking cava, then you'll love the atmosphere at Can Paixamo.

Dried Jamons hang from the ceiling, bottles of Cava line the walls.  During the day it is open as a shop selling its famous Cava for as little as €6 a bottle. In the evening its open as a bar between 9-10.30pm. Its not for the timid, push your way to the front and call the bar tender over for you order.                                                      

I was suprised it seemed to work on an honestly system, you get your tapas and drinks and find a spot to squeeze in to, spilling half the Cava along the way. At the end of the night the barman got my attention and handed me the bill. Well done him for remembering, he should be paid more!

I've been to a couple of bars like this in Barcelona. Jai Ca also in Barcelonetta was similar although the menu was more substantial and the people more local. It can be a little intimidating but you just need to forget about that and be strong! Again I found this super cheap at €10 each for a couple of cervesas and 3 or 4 plates to share.

Jai Ca tapas above -  Simple but the best Jamon I've ever tasted!

Can Paixamos allure seems to be the cheap Cava whilst I found the tapas on offer at Jai Ca more varied and tasty.

I've heard people say differently but personally I think you can eat well very cheaply in Barcelona, certainly compared to London and Sydney prices.

I topped off the night with a Tinto Verano in Bar Salvador, my new local in Borne followed by a helado on Passeig del Borne.  Two scoops, creme catalan and panna cotta which tasted just liked hokey pokey ice cream!  Only the kiwis will know what I mean by that.

Another wonderful night out in Barcelona.



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