Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Today we have a super special guest blog post from our good friend Claire. She was lucky enough to be wined and dined at Gordon Ramsey's two michelin starred Murano for lunch yesterday. She had the seven course tasting menu and hearing about it made me green with envy. Heres a sneak peek at what she had for lunch yesterday.

Claire says:

Did my best to remember everything! They didn't actually give us a menu but just announced them. So I hope I got it right! There was a wine for each course as well, the dessert wine was immense - called Mylitta.


Deep fried okra, risotto balls, olive and chorizo, foie gras ballottine with champagne
The olives looked nice . Really green and shiny but were let down in the taste department as they were fairly watery. Didn't venture near the foie gras as it frightens me but apparently it was amazing.

Selection of breads with basil infused olive oil and aubergine dip
Delicious sourdough bread, freshly baked (Nick would have been stoked) with really flavoursome basil infused olive oil.

The little ham and herb things (can't remember what they were called) with green beans and a honey glaze
The presentation was amazing, the ham was rather strong in flavour and you could taste all the herbs throughout.

Hand-rolled farfalle, sprouting broccoli, sairass ricotta
Mine was sans ricotta but the broccolli was amazing. The farfelle was super soft and delicious but lost its shape a bit in the cooking.

Monkfish tail, smoked aubergine puree, pickled fennel (I helped make this one in the kitchen!)
Cooked to perfection, fell apart when you cut into it.

Casterbridge beef, gratinated potato fondant, piquillo peppers fricassee
Again cooked amazingly, medium rare beef served with an awesome french red.

A cheese board, with sultana breads and apple and fruit chutneys
Apparently awesome, but I didn't get to trail these ones!

A selection of sorbets
The basil flavour was pretty wild. Grapefruit one was my favourite, everyone rated the cookies and cream too.

Chocolate brownie and I got a Pineapple carpaccio with a lime sorbet as Im dairy free, but wasn't digging that very much. It tasted a bit like a pineapple Fruju (iceblock from New Zealand)

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Finished by dessert wine, coffee and chocolates
Dessert wine = uber goodness.

Rolled out of restaurant about 6pm!

The end.

WELL - Im certainly keen to try out this restaurant. Who wants to book?


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