Sunday, 11 April 2010


Wow wee I have had a super exciting first weekend of real spring time in London. It makes me happy that everyone else is happy about the weather and the way London feels when the sun is shining.
Its just about time to start gardening, we have half a tonne of soil out the back, the seedlings have been germinating for the last month and Nicks collection of pikey rubbish he has collected and thrown in the back yard will soon we used to build trestle tables for his raised garden.
We should be yielding crops of our own radishes, rhubarb, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins and peas! Together with friends also growing we can have our own little organic vege co-op. Lots of gardening growing action and photos to come as it evolves.

Backtracking though to the beginning of the weekend, Friday night we went to our first BBQ of the season, Every one of us being Antipodeans it's an important milestone in the London calendar. Amazing chilli burgers, pork belly, marinated lamb chops, steak and Nicks potato salad with home made mayonnaise.

Saturday was our lovely friends birthday and as a fellow foody she had booked lunch at Chez Bruce in Wandsworth, SW17. That's the complete opposite of Stoke Newington and took an hour in a mini cab. It was well worth it. The Michelin star was earned by the impeccable knowledge and service of the staff (the bread goes on the plate to the left!), the presentation and taste of the food, the amazing, varied wine list including our favourite Aligote from Bourgogne and wines from New Zealand, Spain, South America, even Canada! However I felt like, it being a Saturday lunch time the staff could have dressed a little less formal.

After this we rolled around on our bellys at Wandworth Common and headed back to The East End to sip Moscow Mules at The Last Days of Decadence. My favourite mix of Cabaret, Speakeasy, Feather head dresses and really really difficult fake eyelashes.

Right now on this beautiful Sunday Nick is cooking corn fritters with avocado salsa and semi dried tomatos. This recipe is from Bill Granger, a favourite Sydney chef and whos restaurants I frequent for breakfast when Im in back in Sydney. (Corn Fritters recipe here)

What a wonderful weekend, thank you London.


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